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Extracts of book of Shamanism


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In general...
(in french)
John A. Grim
Mario Mercier
Marcelle Bouteiller
Robert Ellwood
Scott Rogo
Sudhir Kakar
  Ilario Rossi

Mircea Eliade,
Ioan P. Couliano

Pierre Erny
Terence McKenna
Georges Lapassade
Olivier Grignon
David Feinstein
Jeanne Achterberg
Michel Perrin
Mircea. Eliade
Joan Halifax
Lawrence R. Sullivan
Gavriil Ksenofontov
Lucien Lévy-Bruhl
Michel Perrin
Ioan M. Lewis
Georges Lapassade
Bertrand Hell
Ralph Metzner
Stanley Krippner
Richard Noll
In particular...
(in french)
Albert-Marie Maurice
Antony Tao
Marie-Dominique Even
Peter T. Furst
Roberte Hamayon
Johannes Wilbert
Serge King
Maud Séjournant
Patrice Van Eersel,
Alain Grosrey
John Mattews
Robert J. Theodoratus
Viviane Lièvre,
Jean-Yves Loude
Larry G. Peters
Peter T. Furst
Omer C. Stewart
Merry Ottin,
Alban Bensa
Alfred Métraux
Emmanuel Désveaux
Jim Swan
Jean-Pierre Chaumeil
Victor Sanchez
(in french)
  Nicolas Bosc








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