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Welcome to NGOPsy.com website!


Created in 2009 by Nicolas BOSC, Ph.D French psychologist, the NGOs Psychology Resource Center is based in South East Asia and precisely in Phnom Penh (Cambodia).

As a consulting business dedicated to NGOs, NGOPsy consists of an association of mental health professional who assemble their different experiences to be able to cover a wide field of activities.

The objective of this new activity is the development of existing and new types of services that enhance the function, efficiency and outcomes of psychology programs for the benefit of populations and public health.

The core business of NGOPsy includes:

  • Regular short-term expert missions on clinical psychology for a variety of organizations throughout South East Asia and elsewhere. (know more)


  • The implementation of psychology programs for the development of psychology in needed countries. (know more)

NGOPsy regroup only specialized professionnals in psychology and mental health with recognized and validated diploma (Ph.D and masters in psychology, medical doctors, psychiatrist...) and significant experience in intercultural and development fields. (know more)

Our vision is to develop high quality programs with latest knowledges in mental health and psycho-social domains in close relations with NGO's and culture realities. (know more)


To find out more about NGOPsy and how we can help you, please send an email to the adress below:





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